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Unimark Continues to Make Significant Progress on Holland America Project

Nov. 2, 2016

With the Holland America project well underway, there have been many great developments with its progression. A few highlights of these improvements include new furniture, generators and stair installs.

Starting with the new furniture being installed and finalized, this shows the second floor becoming nearly complete. The furniture being put into the space includes modular work-space furniture with acoustic panels as well as height adjustable desks.

Next, two of three stand-by generators, one a 3500 gallon fuel tank and the other an energy recovery unit, have been successfully installed in the generator room. Along with the installation of these generators, a 9,000 lb. radiator for the generators was also added. This radiator, along with all other rooftop equipment, was lifted to the roof via crane.

In addition, work has been going strong on a large wooden wall that spans five floors and overlooks the atrium. This wall, made of European white oak paneling, is also outfitted with portholes on every floor that look out over the atrium.

The last highlight to be featured is the stairwell. The opening for the stairwell has been created to go between the third and sixth floors. Along with this development, the structural steel base for the stairs has been installed. Once this step is finalized, reclaimed teak flooring with custom teak treads will be added.


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