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Unimark Celebrates Safety Week 2016

Jun. 21, 2016

Unimark Construction Group was thrilled to host “Subs for Subs” last month on one of our job sites in conjunction with this year’s Safety Week.

The moto for this year’s Safety Week, “we are stronger & safer together,” embodies our own pledge to always have a safe and injury free work environment. Unimark celebrated with the Subs for Subs event, which was held to thank our team for working safely, knowing how to prevent injury, increase awareness of how important it is to create and maintain a safe working environment and actively being aware of the best practices that help us work together to create a stronger, safer space.

Inspired by the Safety Week 2016 slogan, we decided to create our own pledge to safety.

Unimark Construction Group Safety Pledge:

My pledge is to be SAFE! I commit that I will work safely today and every day. I am not only responsible for my safety but also the safety of my co-workers. I am empowered by Unimark Construction Group to stop any activity on this project that I feel is unsafe without fear of retribution. My pledge to work safely is a personal commitment to myself, my co-workers and my family.



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